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Taking care of every detail

In our firm, we think Logistics as an integral concept, which includes the movement, warehousing and transport of your goods.

Therefore, we study your stock management, the forecast of demand and every detail involved in the transport of your merchandise.

Our Logistics Dept. coordinates the intervening factors in the Chain of Distribution after fulfilling its clients needs, by using JIT (Just In Time) as a premise of its operations.

These are some of the tasks we carry out in this Department:

  • Administration of raw materials to final products baring production times in mind.
  • Physical layout planning from the factory to the consumer.
  • Joint between this plan, its distribution and means of more advisable transport according to the characteristics of the operation.
  • Control and adjustment of times and costs in the process.
  • Coordination of unloading, loads and transport to final destination.
  • Customized track and trace of boardings and arrival confirmation of your goods to final destination through our Network of Agents in the world.
  • Issue of Air Way Bills, Bill of Lading and CRT´s.
  • Negotiation and hiring of documentation Courriers.
  • Hiring of Armored Safekeepings.
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