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One stop Asia sourcing

Through Preem International (HK ) LTD, Argentine capital firm based in Hong Kong dedicated to the marketing of raw materials and finished products of Asian origin, we can assist the provision of products in all areas.

Whether textiles, industrial and consumer products, existing products or custom developments, buying through a single point of contact can reduce costs, risks and time while ensuring a reliable supply to tailored needs of the importer.

Unlike a purchasing agent who is responsible for only a small part of the supply chain management, and a traditional exporter who can only supply goods within a specific range of items, Preem International (HK ) LTD combines the flexibility of a purchasing agent with the responsibility of an exporter so that you can buy in Asia with the following advantages:

  • A single point of contact for all purchases, without depending on the product assortment and the production capacity constraints of any particular factory, and the ability to work 100% from product specification to optimize quality, time and costs for each purchase order.
  • Providing end-products and responsibility for their quality, shipping and issuing of all commercial and customs documentation necessary for your business with special attention to the needs of the Argentine market.
  • Through the continuous physical presence in China, we have a broad view over the entire product local offer and news and the best trading conditions possible.
  • Support in Hong Kong and Buenos Aires from highly qualified professionals in our language.

Contact us for further details on how we can help you buy in Asia in the best way.

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