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Strategy focused in local market

When it comes to imports, your firm will have to take into account that a competitive price can be an advantage only when your client sees the value involved in that price.

Moreover, and considering the trend of some segments of world-wide economy to replace the products of low price and debatable quality by those of higher price but greater perceived quality, in our Firm we develop strategies to access to the local market, customized to each product and each market segment.

Our task is to find the best relation among price-product-quality.

These are some of the activities that we do:

Administrative Management

  • Track your shipment with your overseas supplier.
  • International Freight and Insurance on behalf the client.
  • Customs and banking management.
  • Total coordination of your cargo and unloading in the arrival.
  • Cargo Break-Bulking.
  • Payment of Storage Services, manipulations, rent of containers, or others, by account and order of the client.
  • Hiring of In-land freight to get the cargo to your Warehouse.

Commercial Management

  • Purchase Management and forwarding in foreign markets through our agents.
  • Study of comparative costs by Origin.
  • Preferential Negotiations in MERCOSUR/ALADI/GATT.
  • Tariff classifications by Customs Regulations.
  • Management before public entities to request duties increase/reductions.
  • Imports Price & Costs formation.
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