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Our aim is to give accurate answers to your doubts, so that you can delegate your Foreign Trade Management to our staff who is highly trained in this field and can carry out your Export Operations with efficiency.

In order to achieve this, our operative department performs the following tasks:

Administrative Management

  • Reception and Analysis of Purchase Orders.
  • Issue of pro forma´s and Quotations.
  • Issue of Commercial Invoices.
  • Obtaining Origin, Quality, and Fauna Certificates or any other, according to the type of merchandise involved.
  • International Freights and Insurances, through our Department of Logistics.
  • Processing of caution and/or transport insurance policies.
  • Processing of Quota Documents and presentations in foreign consulates and Chambers.
  • Customs and banking operations management.
  • Track & Trace of your merchandise up to final destination.

Commercial Management

  • Costing Analysis and definition of policies of Export Pricest.
  • Professional Advising to participate in Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • Representation of your company abroad through organizing trips of businesses to main Fairs of each Industrial Sector.
  • Advising about how you can promote your product according to the targeted market.
  • Analysis of Micro and Macro variables, as well as for-tariff barriers imposed by the target market.
  • Representation in specific Chambers according to your product’s requirements.
  • Management in public representations to obtain reindeers, draw-backs, and other promotional mechanisms.
  • Tariff classifications by Customs Resolution.
  • Formation of Costs and Prices of Export.
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